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Leapsome’s Q4 2023 Workforce Trends Report

Get Beyond the cubicle: Leapsome’s Workforce Trends Report to discover new HR challenges and evolving employee needs so you can effectively manage organizational change.

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People Ops Playbooks

Run smooth operations with our easy-to-follow how-tos and best practices for all things People Ops & HR.

Collections & templates

✅ Coaching questions checklist

Download our coaching question checklist to transform your leadership style and better understand and support your team members’ aspirations and challenges.

🎯 SMART goal setting template

Align teams, elevate engagement, and drive profitability by downloading our free SMART goal template and embracing focused goal-setting.

🔍 Leadership survey questions

Download our free template for meaningful leadership surveys that provide valuable insights into the employee experience and drive positive change.

✅ Checklist for structuring a people-centered HR department

Whether you’re starting anew or refining your existing approach to shaping your HR department, our checklist is your roadmap to success.

✅ New manager checklist

Access our detailed checklist to transform the new manager experience in your organization and set new leaders up for success.

✅ HR strategy plan checklist

Download our detailed and customizable HR strategy plan checklist to craft a cohesive and effective framework for people operations.

🗓 The Ultimate List of HR Conferences in 2024 (130 Events)

A comprehensive list of HR conferences happening in 2023 around the world. Both virtual and in-person.

🚀 70 Employee Engagement Survey Questions [Free Template]

Access a free template with a list of 72 questions in 22 categories to include in your employee engagement surveys.

🎙 The Ultimate List of HR Podcasts in 2024

Download our list of best HR & People Ops podcasts in 2024 to stay informed and improve your company culture.

🗓 The Ultimate List of 90 Global HR/People Ops Conferences & Events

Download a list of 90 global HR conferences and events to support your learning and development journey.

🌍 Remote Work Employee Survey Template

Download a list of 45 high-impact engagement survey questions across various categories to ask remote employees.

🗣 “How to Give Feedback”: Free Best-Practice Template

Download a free copy of our “How to Give Feedback” template and a cheat sheet to guide you through the process.

💬 1:1 Meeting Template for Effective Managers

A template for managers to run effective 1:1 meetings, including questions and prompts. Free to download.

🧮 Measure the ROI of Employee Engagement [Free Calculator]

We’ve built a simple, free-to-use employee engagement ROI calculator to help you quantify the benefits of improving engagement.

📊 Best-Practice Questions for Performance Reviews

Download our free template with best-practice questions for performance reviews (including 360° and leadership reviews).

📊 Best-Practice Questions for Employee Exit Surveys

Download our list of best-practice questions for employee exit surveys and take action to reduce staff turnover.

💬 Best-Practice Template for Employee Exit Interviews

Download our list of best-practice questions for exit interviews and take action to reduce staff turnover.

🚀 Team charter template

This team charter will help you outline your group’s composition, strategy, and ways of working to drive collaboration and team success.

🌐 Employee experience journey map template

Use this template to map the employee journey, enhance your employee experience, and create a more engaging and fulfilling workplace.

✅ New Hire Onboarding Checklist

Get started with building a great onboarding experience today — download this checklist to reduce new hire overwhelm and set team members up for success!

🎯 OKR Template: A Guide to Objectives & Key Results [Free Template]

Get started with our free OKR template along with a short guide on how to use the Objectives & Key Results framework.

🚀 OKR-Based Development Plan Template

Drive transparency and engagement: Download our OKR-based development plan template to help your people develop in alignment with their OKRs.

⭐️ Individual Employee Development Plan Template

Get started with employee development planning today. Download our employee development plan template to promote clarity, transparency, and alignment!

🚀 Best-Practice Career Progression Framework Template

Download our best-practice career progression framework to improve engagement, lower bias, and increase efficiency.

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