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People spend 80,000 hours at work throughout an average lifetime. The work we all do defines us one way or another. Yet many of us lack clarity and support to do our best. Alignment and purpose get lost in the noise of day-to-day business. Instead of being a source of inspiration and energy, work becomes a strain.

At Leapsome, we tackle this problem with a people enablement platform that helps organizations (and the people that make them) prosper. Our platform helps employees grow, enables managers to become better leaders, and empowers CEOs to build truly great places to work. It is our mission to make all those hours we spend working more fulfilling — for everyone.

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Our story

Leapsome is the people management platform that drives employee engagement, performance, and learning.

Jenny von Podewils and Kajetan von Armansperg, co-founders and co-CEOs at Leapsome

“Our vision translates into millions of employees feeling engaged and fulfilled at their workplace. Fulfilled employees have clarity on their goals, performance, and the direction the company is headed towards. They feel supported by their managers and peers, and receive honest, actionable feedback that boosts personal development and growth. Essentially, our product is a transformation catalyst.”

Jenny von Podewils, co-founder at Leapsome
Kajetan von Armansperg, co-founder at Leapsome


Our platform combines tools for goal and OKR management, performance and 360° reviews, learning, onboarding, engagement surveys, feedback and praise, and 1:1 and team meetings.


Your people deserve to feel fulfilled by what they do. And their engagement can result in 23% more profitability, 81% less absenteeism, 66% more well-being, and reduced turnover. (Gallup, 2020)


You can achieve so much by investing in your people. Leapsome exists to help you get there — and that’s why forward-thinking companies choose us.

Why we started Leapsome

Leapsome was founded in 2016 by Jenny von Podewils and Kajetan von Armansperg. Having witnessed the growing pains of fast-paced companies, they learned firsthand how crucial good processes for feedback, alignment, and engagement are.

In 2022, we raised $60 million in Series A funding. We partnered with US-based Insight Partners, as well as Europe-based Creandum and Visionaries Club, who all believe in our mission of making work more fulfilling for everyone. Their investment will help us accelerate Leapsome’s international growth and further develop our leading people enablement platform.

Leapsome is backed by top-tier Investors
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Supporting people-focused industry transformations

Our founders realized that the absence of effective people enablement processes puts a strain on working relationships and is detrimental to individual and organizational growth. And this fueled their shared vision: to make work fulfilling for everyone and help companies develop their people and scale their businesses.

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Social responsibility

Jenny and Kajetan are building a company with a culture they felt was missing in the corporate and tech worlds. This includes a commitment to social and environmental causes, which became even more critical to our founders after their experiences working in cleantech and South America. We’re carbon-neutral and we’ve recently donated to great causes including Against Malaria Foundation, Berliner Obdachlosenhilfe, and Camino Seguro/Safe Passage.

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We’re an equal opportunity employer

Besides being co-owned by Jenny, we have other women in different levels of leadership. We’re committed to DEI (diversity, equity, inclusion), we’ve created the Future of Work Graduate Program to support people starting their careers, and we intend to do much more.

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We’re an international, diverse team

Our team members come from multiple countries (right now, we speak 35 languages) and have fascinating and diverse backgrounds and interests. As a science-backed platform, we have several psychologists on board. And we also have cooks, dancers, yoga teachers, soccer players, gamers, musicians, business coaches, triathletes... You name it! And they all help us make work fulfilling for everyone.

Structured 1-on-1 Meetings Software screenshot showing the integrations with goals and okrs

You’ll be in great company

The best companies to work for are reaching their goals and making work fulfilling with Leapsome


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Our pledge to People Ops & HR

People ops professionals don’t always get the credit they deserve, but we see you and value your dedication to creating exceptional workplace cultures.

To support you, we continuously create educational content with the help of industry experts — including eBooks, People Ops Playbooks, downloadable templates, as well as the People Over Perks podcast and newsletter. We also host a Slack community with hundreds of people ops leaders and specialists.

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Our values

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Listen & learn

We always seek understanding. It helps us grow together and learn from each other — as well as from our customers and partners.

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Challenge the status quo

We challenge ourselves and don’t walk the beaten path just because everyone else does. Instead, we reflect and seek out better ways.

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Be honest & transparent

We’re honest and transparent with each other and ourselves. We want to get to the core of it, always. We trust each other to handle all shared information with care.

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Seek impact

What brought us together was the desire to make work fulfilling for everyone. We’re like-minded in that we hold ourselves accountable for the impact we want to have in this world.

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Take ownership & pursue excellence

We’re a group of smart and dedicated people, and we trust each other to truly own our work. We’re not afraid of high expectations.

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Be kind & humble

We are more than just colleagues — we genuinely care for each other. We give each team member the appreciation they deserve and the support they need. We have no interest in serving our egos.

Performance & 360 Reviews

Run impactful and painless performance, 360-degree, project, or leadership review processes that are easy to set up, easy to complete, and beneficial for all.

Goals & OKR Management

Track, collaborate and align on company, team and individual goals to create alignment, accountability and transparency across the organisation.

Engagement Surveys

Measure the pulse of your company culture with easy to set up employee engagement surveys and use powerful insights to inform actions.

Instant Feedback & Praise

Facilitate a culture of rapid development and learning through giving and receiving instant feedback and praise with anyone in the organisation.

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1-on-1 and Team Meetings

Conduct effective and productive 1-on-1 meetings with any employee in your organisation, driven by a well-structured agenda and talking points.

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Learning and Onboarding

Develop and engage your talent with a highly personalised, scalable and automated learning and onboarding experience.

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