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Deeply understand your people's performance, engagement, and development. Leapsome combines industry best practices with scientific principles.

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What sets us apart

  • All your people data is in one place giving you unmatched people analytics and insights.
  • Get actionable, data-driven recommendations for building a thriving work culture.
  • Slice and dice your data with advanced segmentation and custom attributes.
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People analytics to power
your people strategy

Uncover hidden insights with interlinked platform modules and connected data sets.

Understand your people

Truly understand your people to boost engagement and build a culture where they can thrive.

Drive your people's performance

Get an overview of where your people stand today and offer them support to help them improve for tomorrow.

Measure progress towards goals

See the progress of teams and individuals across the company to make informed decisions.

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Make your people data
part of everyday work


Give managers an overview of where their team stands to help them build high-performing, engaged teams.


Understand performance data with advanced segmentation and custom attributes to offer relevant support.


Find out the most impactful focus areas to drive employee engagement and effectively prioritize initiatives.


Understand what your employees are feeling with AI-powered sentiment analysis.


Access the employee turnover predictive analysis model to take impactful initiatives towards boosting retention.

Post survey
action plans

Gain expert recommendations and create an action plan for boosting engagement based on your survey results.

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Scientific principles meet industry best practices

Interlinked modules uncover unparalleled data insights.

Insights from the world's most forward thinking companies

The collective intelligence from millions of data points and our network of industry experts is brought back into building the Leapsome platform. We combine learnings from scientific research, industry experts, and our customers to deliver a solution that is evidence-based.

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A team of people enablement experts by your side

Our team of in-house organizational psychologists and people enablement experts offer superior education and support to help our customers build great places to work. 

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Get a holistic view of performance with interlinked modules

Interlinked platform modules and data sets give you direct access to unmatched people analytics and insights. Discover the connection of performance with engagement, goals, and learning to understand what drives great performance.

Structured 1-on-1 Meetings Software screenshot showing the integrations with goals and okrs
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Don’t just take our word for it. We’re proud that our product and exceptional service have been recognized as best-in-class by the independent software review platform G2.

Build a high-performing and resilient organization

The best companies to work for enhance their people enablement processes with Leapsome. logo

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