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Unlock efficiency & drive impact with Leapsome’s latest AI-powered innovations

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Unlock efficiency & drive impact with Leapsome’s latest AI-powered innovations
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In today’s fast-paced world with relentless pressure to do more with less, leaders and people ops teams face the formidable challenge of balancing their day-to-day efficiently, driving employee engagement and performance, and staying on top of the latest technological developments such as artificial intelligence (AI).

We recently surveyed 2,500 global professionals and found that an astonishing 90% of HR leaders already use AI at work at least once per week. (1) People ops professionals understand that harnessing AI can drive real impact, with a significant portion (76%) reporting that they believe their organization will fall behind if they fail to adopt and deploy AI technologies within the coming 12 to 24 months. (2) However, it can be hard to know where to start and what aspects of HR can be positively impacted by AI.

In this article, we’ll explore a few steps organizations can take to bring AI into daily processes to drive efficiency, streamline communication, and inform decision-making.

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Effortlessly align your teams with AI-powered goal setting

Setting measurable goals is a prerequisite for success in any endeavor, especially in the workplace. Goals help to create alignment, accountability, and transparency across an organization. But setting clear goals can be challenging, especially if you are utilizing the OKR framework since every major objective needs to be supported with a series of relevant, actionable, and measurable key results.

That’s why we’ve harnessed the power of artificial intelligence to launch a groundbreaking new feature — AI-powered goals. With just one sentence and two clicks, the tool allows employees, leadership, or HR teams to quickly create AI-generated goals, significantly speeding up the process of building out OKRs.

  • Save time and energy — The AI-generated key results and initiatives are tailored to work with company-wide goals and are easily customizable to suit specific needs. 
  • Craft effective personal development goals — The AI-powered goals can help managers and employees define individual development tracks to efficiently drive growth and propel the entire organization forward.
A screenshot of Leapsome’s AI-powered feature for OKR generation.
Personalize Leapsome’s OKR suggestions with challenging but achievable deadlines and KPIs for your team

The workflow is seamless. To create AI-powered OKRs, users need to simply:

  1. Provide a short 'objective’ as a prompt; the more descriptive the objective, the more meaningful the associated results and initiatives are. 
  1. The AI tool generates key results and initiatives to suit the overall objective.

You can then narrow down your preferences from the list of key results generated, make a final selection that suits your needs, and implement the deadlines and metrics that are most relevant and realistic for your organization.

Drive development with AI-powered reviews and feedback 

Feedback is the cornerstone of employee growth, but many managers and employees struggle to write meaningful reviews or to transform their thoughts into constructive comments. Leapsome’s new AI-powered Reviews feature has been built to help seamlessly transform feedback from the draft stage to a final summary.

Constructive comments enriched with improvement ideas

With Leapsome’s AI-powered reviews, leaders can effortlessly turn their thoughts into constructive comments enriched with improvement ideas. This is vital for any organization, as the best feedback does more than just identify issues — it provides actionable solutions that help teams develop and grow.

Deliver constructive comments with immediate guidance from Leapsome AI

Digestible feedback summaries

Leapsome’s AI-powered feedback equips managers with a convenient way to generate 360° overviews of team members’ feedback, summarizing manager reviews, self-assessments, and feedback from peers and direct reports. This ensures that leaders have a clear and concise understanding of each individual’s performance, enabling them to make more informed and efficient managerial decisions.

A screenshot of Leapsome’s AI-powered review summary feature.

Stronger Feedback Culture

AI-powered reviews can be of benefit not only to leadership but to anyone who gives or receives feedback in an organization. With this feature, all employees can enhance their feedback skills, as they can utilize this function to receive constructive comments on their feedback from the integrated AI-powered advisory bot. It’s as easy as writing down thoughts, selecting the AI button, and choosing the desired function. The feature can share ideas about how to make the feedback more actionable and constructive, but also reduce the risk of miscommunication or confusion by providing a grammar and spelling check function. This ensures that feedback is clear, professional, and free from any language-related errors.

A screenshot of Leapsome’s AI-powered feedback recommendations.
AI-powered feedback enables all employees to deliver well-written feedback in an instant

Turn employee feedback into action with AI-powered surveys 

Surveys are a great way to engage with employees and identify areas within the company that need improvement. However, analyzing surveys can be a painfully slow process, and it can be challenging to prioritize the main pain points and necessary initiatives to implement. 

Leapsome’s AI-powered solution offers an innovative way to unlock the full potential of surveys, empowering people teams to decipher the overall experience of employees, discover common themes, and take data-driven actions to tackle the most significant challenges. 

HR teams can understand employee sentiment and feedback by analyzing employee responses to gauge satisfaction, identify pain points, and recommend actionable steps to boost engagement.

A screenshot of Leapsome’s AI-powered summary features for comments.

Quick high-level insights through AI-powered sentiment analysis

With extensive surveys that produce a wealth of comments, AI-powered sentiment analysis can save HR teams hours of manual work: No more need to painstakingly summarize engagement surveys when Leapsome’s AI does the heavy lifting. With this feature, HR teams and survey owners have the ability to effortlessly generate AI-powered summaries of all survey comments. This means no more manual, time-consuming analysis — and it’s invaluable for sharing high-level insights with leadership and key stakeholders, giving them a quick overview of how employees feel based on the survey. Other benefits include:

  • Bias-free analysis — By analyzing comments in a structured way, our AI ensures that your insights are free from human bias. Minimize risks from subjective interpretations based on personal experiences or biases.
  • Actionable data — Leapsome’s AI not only summarizes comments but also provides actionable suggestions for your next steps. It’s not just about understanding the feedback; it’s about knowing what to do with it.

Support structured career development with AI-powered competency frameworks

When managing employee development and career growth, efficiency and accuracy are critical. Luckily, this new solution simplifies the time-consuming building of transparent competency frameworks. The AI-powered competency framework empowers resource-constrained people ops teams or those just getting started with career development frameworks and helps them save valuable time and effort.

A screenshot of Leapsome’s AI feature for generating competency frameworks.
  • Rapid competency framework development — With just three straightforward inputs: the department name, the number of competencies, and the number of competency levels, HR teams can create a complete competency framework in minutes. This significant time-saving feature is a game-changer for organizations looking to get started with competencies quickly.
  • Ideal for resource-constrained companies — For businesses with limited resources, this is an essential shortcut to crafting a competency framework without the need for extensive HR expertise.
A screenshot of Leapsome’s AI feature for generating competency frameworks.

Leveraging AI now and into the future

The future of work is being redefined and people functions require more speed and agility than ever before. Leapsome’s AI-powered solutions change how organizations can manage their teams, set goals, provide feedback, conduct performance reviews, and enhance employee engagement. 

Start your journey today and revolutionize how you manage your workforce. Request a demo now and start your AI-powered HR transformation.

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