Beyond the Cubicle:
Leapsome’s Workforce Trends Report

With the weight of a cost of living crisis, the devastating impact of large-scale layoffs, and work transcending the four walls of an office cubicle, the modern workforce is in upheaval. Together with YouGov, a leading international research group, we surveyed 2,500 global professionals to identify their intentions, concerns, and priorities in these transformative times.

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By the Numbers

1 in 3

employees are planning to leave their jobs within the next 12 months. 


of workers want more feedback and recognition from their managers.


of employees say performance reviews should happen more often.

HR-employee misalignment

29% of employees — that’s almost 1 in 3 — don’t feel comfortable reporting issues to HR. This communication breakdown risks an unanticipated rise in turnover.

Crisis in remote feedback culture

Only 13% of fully remote employees rate their companies’ current feedback culture positively. With increasingly globalized teams, measuring employee sentiment through regular surveys is more critical than ever.

Time wasted in meetings

Employees consider half of their meetings a waste of time. With 80% of employees having up to 10 meetings per week and only 30% of meetings having a set agenda, this greatly diminishes productivity.

“Understanding the nuances between HR leaders’ perceptions and employees’ experiences is crucial for any organization striving for excellence. Our research aims to highlight these disparities to help businesses align better and foster a more inclusive, effective workplace.”

Jenny von Podewils, co-CEO and co-founder, Leapsome