Leapsome’s 2023 State of People Enablement Report

How we work has undergone a fundamental shift and is being further shaped by a turbulent market landscape. We commissioned a survey of 750 global professionals to identify their intentions, concerns, and priorities.

Read the 2023 State of People Enablement Report to learn how HR leaders and full-time employees are experiencing the world of work today.

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By the Numbers

3 in 4

employees cite compensation and benefits and work-life balance among reasons for planning to leave their job


of employees would stay in a culture that encourages feedback, goal-setting, and learning


of employees surveyed say their company is well positioned to weather a challenging macroeconomic environment

Employees are job-hunting

82% of employees surveyed are looking to move jobs within 12 months

Job-hunting employees graph
Layoffs parameters chart

Layoffs? HR and employees disagree

When asked about anticipated layoffs in the current climate, employees are more than twice as likely to believe their company is planning layoffs as HR leaders, half of whom said there are no plans for layoffs in the coming months.

Importance of people enablement

79% of all HR respondents believe people enablement is important to their company’s C-suite

Importance of people enablement chart
Picture of Kajetan Armansperg, co-CEO and co-founder at Leapsome.

"We were excited to see that both HR leaders and employees recognize the value of people enablement software and its positive impact on their organizations. It was reassuring to learn that in at least 50% of all cases, people enablement is owned internally by the C-suite — a sign that decision-makers consider it a strategic business priority."

Kajetan von Armansperg, co-CEO and co-founder, Leapsome