13 best OKR software for your team in 2024

Forward-thinking companies understand that setting goals and OKRs is crucial for company alignment. The problem is that many companies lack the right tools for goal-setting, getting lost in paperwork and betting on OKRs that will not drive the company’s mission forward.

But the right OKR software can help you drive accountability and ownership, promoting alignment across the organization, reducing time spent in meetings, and increasing your chances for success.*

*The information below is based on our research from July to September 2022. All user feedback referenced in the text has been sourced from independent software review platforms such as G2 and Capterra in December 2022.

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Leapsome’s pricing starts at US$8 per user per month. Free trial available



Viva goals (previously Ally.io)
Viva Goals OKR

Pricing is not readily available.



Betterworks OKR

Pricing not readily available.



Engagedly OKR

Engagedly’s basic performance package starts at US$5 per user per month.



Gtmhub (now Quantive)

Gtmhub full platform starts at US$18 per user, per month.



Koan (by Quantive)
Koan OKR

Koan offers a free plan. Advanced plan starts at US$6 per user per month.



Learned OKR

US€6 per user per month (paid annually) + additional one-time implementation fees (US$1,500)

Options not readily available


Mirro OKR

Mirro starts at US$5 per user per month billed annually.



Mooncamp OKR

Mooncamp’s business plan is US$6 per user per month, paid annually.



Patpat OKR

Starts at US$1,50 per user per month.



Perdoo OKR

Perdoo has a free plan for up to 10 users. Above, pricing starts at US$6,50 per user per month.



Profit.co OKR

Starts at US$7 per user per month for 5+ users.



Weekdone OKR

Weekdone is free for up to three users. Paid plans start at US$108 per month.



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Features of an ideal OKR software

You’ll want your employees to use the company’s OKR software consistently, so focusing on the right qualities will improve your team’s experience.


Many companies struggle with focus. Leaders may set goals, but these don’t always align with the company’s vision and mission. Robust visualization options help with goal alignment, staying informed, and accomplishing your long-term vision.


Completing goals is a combined effort, and you’ll likely need to collaborate with various stakeholders to reach a goal. Can you easily comment, assign colleagues to tasks, and work cross-functionally to achieve your objective?


What does the system look like when 100+ people are working towards different objectives? What about 1,000+? Can you use permissions to streamline the process for specific employees? These questions matter for your choice of OKR software.

Are you ready to invest in your OKR strategy?

Find out how Leapsome can help you manage goals and OKRs.

1. Leapsome

Leapsome is an award-winning people enablement platform with a robust module for goals and OKRs. If your organization is interested in the complete employee enablement experience, Leapsome can help you with performance reviews, competency frameworks, meetings, engagement surveys, continuous feedback, compensation and promotion management, and more.

Each Leapsome module is well-planned and designed to help your organization think and work more strategically. Leapsome has 400+ 5-star reviews on G2. Customers rave about how the Goals & OKRs module has helped their organization manage goals and keep on track with progress.

Notable features

One of the most impactful features of Leapsome’s Goals & OKRs module is the ability to connect goals to issues and discussions in your company. By combining its various features, allowing you to tag colleagues and exchange notes, Leapsome gives you a space to collaborate with multiple stakeholders, relating your day-to-day work to the company strategy.

Plus, since Leapsome is an all-in-one people enablement platform — not just a goal-setting platform — you can manage and improve all aspects of the employee experience by introducing Leapsome to your company. And if you choose to start with only the Goals module, you can expand your Leapsome software as you identify more company priorities.

And Leapsome includes the following features with any module:

  • Ability to view and consider historical data when setting new goal
  • Goals seemlessly integrate with other modules such as Reviews, Meetings, and Compensation
  • Practical parent and child goals relationship and goal trees to easily align goals company-wide
  • not well-suited for teams smaller than 10 people
  • no mobile app available yet
Trusted By:

“You will not regret working with Leapsome. You get amazing quality and a lot to work with for the price. 

If Leapsome were just for meetings alone, companies would already see a benefit. But if you’re looking to start your OKR journey, Leapsome is a no-brainer. There’s just no way to replicate this intuitive engagement in a spreadsheet.”

Jimmy Ianuzzi

Vice President & General Manager
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2. Viva Goals (previously Ally.io)

Ally.io was acquired by Microsoft for Microsoft Viva Goals in 2021 and is a dedicated OKR software built to help businesses manage company-wide goals and focus on finishing pivotal projects.

Notable features

A convenient feature of using Ally is its dashboards, which provde a straightforward overview of your organization, its progress, and its processes. Ally’s dashboards help reduce time spent turning data into talking points for executive meetings.

  • Easy to visualize and goals if you’re on the go.
  • English only
  • some features (like creating private and shared OKRs or creating dependencies) only available in enterprise plans

3. Betterworks

Screenshot of the Betterworks UI

Betterworks’ main modules focus on OKRs & goals, performance, engagement, insights, and analytics.

Notable features

The platform has a growth-oriented goal stretching feature, which allows employees to step outside their comfort zone and work towards even more ambitious goals.

  • Transparent view of goals and who is working on what
  • Modules can seem disconnected
  • Can be hard to keep track of current goals, as there is no separate space for completed objectives

4. Engagedly

Screenshot of the Engagedly UI

Engagedly is a performance management software with an OKR and goal alignment module. Engagedly aims to help companies improve team performance, increase employee engagement, and enable long-term development.

Notable features

Engagedly’s most attractive feature is its goal-weighting options. Once you’ve aligned on how you’d like goals to be weighted internally, you can adjust the software accordingly.

  • Simple platform design
  • UI can feel outdated and buggy
  • High starting annual agreement cost

5. Gtmhub (Now Quantive)

Screenshot of the Gtmhub UI

Gtmhub is an OKR tool that helps companies turn their vision into a strategy. With various features to help build vertical and horizontal alignment, Gtmhub’s OKR software has helped many companies create better goals.

Notable features

Gtmhub’s most prominent feature is its whiteboard mode. Visually oriented users can use this mode to organize their thoughts before importing to the traditional OKR setup.

  • Variety of platform integrations
  • Difficulty cloning or creating new OKRs
  • Can't delete users without losing their data (might be forced to pay for ghost users to keep their data)

6. Koan (by Quantive)

Screenshot of the Koan UI

Koan strives to help companies focus on outcomes. Gtmhub (Now Quantive) acquired Koan in 2021.

Notable features

One of Koan’s most interesting features is the use of reflections in goal setting. Weekly reflections are built into the Koan platform to save time in meetings and help team members understand what they should focus on each week.

  • Visually appealing user interface
  • Lacking some options for data and analytics
  • Might feel a bit lightweight compared to other tools

7. Learned.io

Screenshot of the Learned.io UI

Learned is a Netherlands-based software company that helps organizations with development, goals, 1:1s, career paths, and more. It focuses on improving conversations between employees and people leaders.

Notable features

One of Learned’s unique features is its focus on “The Good Conversation.” The platform strives to mix conversations around planning, performance, and assessments to create a better experience for managers and reports.

  • Number of integrations to HRIS and communication tools
  • Lack of language options and website is in Dutch with limited English translation
  • Shortage of customer reviews for the product

8. Mirro

Mirro is a performance management platform with an OKRs feature. The software focuses on performance measures like recognition, feedback, check-ins, and OKRs. You can also dig into the platform’s administrative, analytics, and community tools.

Notable features

One of Mirro’s most prominent features is the OKR leaderboard. Through this platform, teams can engage in friendly competition based on their goal progress. Small steps towards gamifying the OKR experience can incentivize and motivate employees.

  • Various features included in the standard plan
  • Due to variety of features in basic plan Mirro can feel convoluted
  • Dashboard can be overwhelming

9. Mooncamp

Screenshot of the Mooncamp UI

Mooncamp is a platform dedicated to goals, OKRs, and check-ins. Mooncamp focuses on helping companies embrace new ways of working through a flexible UI and integrations to sites like Asana, Jira, Hubspot, etc.

Notable features

Mooncamp’s most distinct feature is its editing capabilities. You can select multiple goals to change, delete or duplicate quickly. The platform looks similar to Notion, making it simple for Notion users to jump into.

  • Ability to add custom properties when setting goals
  • high customizability can lead to a lack of standardization and clear processes

10. PatPat360

Screenshot of the PatPat360 UI

PatPat360 is an engagement software built to help you connect, engage, motivate, and analyze your team members. The platform is built with collaboration in mind, making it an interesting tool to consider.

Notable features

One of PatPat360’s most unique features is its network of OKRs. The platform visualizes how company goals are connected by displaying OKR links. Considering these dependencies, you can ensure a successful basis for goal progress.

  • The mix of social recognition and OKRs can motivate employees to achieve ambitious goals.
  • Barely any user reviews

11. Perdoo

Screenshot of the Perdoo UI

Perdoo is an OKR software company that strives to help companies increase growth tenfold. With several features, including expert coaching, the Perdoo platform offers customers many resources.

Notable features

One of Perdoo’s most notable features is the growth board. If your organization has specific goals around customer growth, website visitors, leads, etc., you can use the board to track planned and actual development over time.

  • Helpful reporting tool
  • Unique way to highlights OKRs in the growth board and drag-and-drop roadmap
  • OKR linking capabilities are a bit weak
  • Sorting OKRs can be challenging
  • no way to highlight the goals you own vs. contribute to

12. Profit.co

Screenshot of the Profit.co UI

Profit.co is an OKR software with OKR, task, performance management, and employee engagement tools.

Notable features

What makes Profit.co stand out is the platform’s detailed task management system. This system takes OKRs a step further by providing a daily tool for employees to use.

  • Library of built-in integrations
  • Steep learning curve
  • Overwhelming layout of the dashboard

13. Weekdone

Screenshot of the Weekdone Ui

Weekdone is an OKR tool devoted to helping small businesses and startups create a culture that focuses on goals.

Notable features

One noteworthy Weekdone feature is OKR coaching and support. You can access the Weekdone learning center and get unlimited professional coaching and team training to help your organization understand and utilize OKRs.

  • focused on supporting small businesses
  • Some user report that the platform enables managers to avoid 1:1s
  • Some uses report needing more control and flexibility working with the tool

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Susie P.

HR manager

AI software (10-100 employees)

5 rating stars

“I love how easy Leapsome is to set up and explore as a manager and user”

Sarah S.

Chief operational officer

B2B agency (10-100 emp.)

5 rating stars

“Leapsome has provided more ways to keep our employees engaged”

Katy S.

Exec. Administrator & Comms. Manager

Research Services (500-1000 emp.)


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