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Building better workplaces through compliance training with Leapsome and Ethena

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Building better workplaces through compliance training with Leapsome and Ethena
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In today’s dynamic business landscape, compliance has become a core aspect of organizational success — and it’s not just about ticking boxes. Besides safeguarding against legal and regulatory risks, compliance is integral to fostering a culture of ethical conduct and responsible business practices.

However, traditional compliance training often misses the mark by being dull and unengaging, leading to a lack of attention from employees and rendering this critical part of onboarding and ongoing employee development ineffective.

To address this challenge, Leapsome has partnered with Ethena, a leading compliance and employee growth training provider, to bring Ethena’s engaging, funny, and interactive courses directly into Leapsome’s flow of wider people processes. 

This collaboration means Leapsome users have access to essential compliance training that’s far from boring and seamlessly aligned with the company culture and values — a much-needed strategy to make compliance training compelling and ensure that employees not only complete the courses but also retain the crucial information they learn.

Elevate compliance training with Ethena’s engaging approach

Screenshot of Ethena’s course catalog
Ethena has a comprehensive library of relevant and engaging training materials

Traditionally, finding compliance training content that learners actually like has been next to impossible. However, Leapsome has made it easy because customers using our Learning module can quickly select and implement a whole range of Ethena courses to streamline implementation and ensure a better training experience for employees.

Ethena’s courses are replacing monotonous lectures, unrelatable scenarios, and dry texts with a method that actively engages employees in the learning process. The compliance provider seamlessly blends interactive experiences, real-world scenarios, and gamification elements — an approach that yields 95% learner satisfaction, leading to much greater course completion rates and knowledge retention.

“With Ethena’s course catalog now available in Leapsome’s Marketplace, it’s never been easier for Leapsome customers to do cringe-free compliance training. More than just just checking-the-box, learners will actually love it, and retain critical compliance details.”

— Anne Solmssen, CTO at Ethena

With the Ethena integration, the Leapsome platform functions as a centralized hub for managing and tracking compliance training. This eliminates the need for multiple tools and contracts, streamlines the compliance training process, and ensures that the entire workforce is compliant. 

Plus, Leapsome is able to offer these courses at exclusive rates, so this collaboration not only enriches the quality of the training provided but also makes it more accessible financially, adding another layer of value to the comprehensive solution Leapsome delivers.

Ethena covers the most common regulations and best practices with dedicated full-length courses for:

  • Harassment prevention
  • Anti-bribery and corruption
  • Diversity, equity, and inclusion
  • Hiring and interviewing
  • Code of conduct
  • Data privacy
  • Anti-money laundering
  • Unconscious bias
  • U.S. export controls and sanctions
  • Cybersecurity awareness
  • Insider trading
  • Management essentials

The Management Essentials course is a standout feature of Ethena’s offering, specifically designed to empower managers — from first-timers to seasoned pros — with the tools and knowledge they need for effective team leadership and decision-making. This course not only teaches managers about their unique legal obligations, but also strengthens important soft skills like effective feedback and performance management. It’s essential for enabling managers to navigate the complexities of their roles with confidence and set their reports up for success.

“I am excited to announce our partnership with Ethena. Their engaging and effective compliance training is a perfect complement to our Learning module. Together we can help organizations build a more ethical and compliant workplace culture. With Leapsome’s deep integration of learning with goals, competencies, and performance reviews, organizations can ensure that compliance training is aligned with their overall business objectives.”

—  Luck Dookchitra, VP of People & Culture at Leapsome

To set the entire company up for success, Leapsome’s deep integration of learning with goals, competencies, and performance reviews enables organizations to align compliance training with overall business objectives. This ensures that learning initiatives are not isolated but are directly connected to strategic goals, maximizing their impact on employee development and organizational success. 

📈 Boost compliance training engagement with Ethena

Efficiently roll out courses that foster compliance and employee growth to build a better workplace.

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Find Ethena on Leapsome’s Marketplace for curated content

Leapsome Marketplace empowers teams with engaging, interactive content that makes learning stick

Leapsome Marketplace, an extension of our Learning module, offers a selection of pre-integrated training courses from trusted content providers like Ethena at exclusive pricing. This comprehensive training hub makes it easy to browse, select, and deploy top-rated courses that align with organizational needs.

Our Marketplace is where compliance meets convenience, and where we provide the best learning materials for upskilling employees in areas ranging from data security to leadership soft skills — efficiently and cost-effectively, with automatic updates for any regulatory changes.

🚀 HR’s new fast track to compliance knowledge and skill-building

Discover how our integrated solutions can streamline the training process and foster a culture of compliance and ethical excellence.

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Transform compliance training with Leapsome Learning

The future of corporate learning is here, powered by innovative partnerships like Leapsome and Ethena. 

The enhanced Leapsome Learning module is a game-changer for organizations looking to deliver effective onboarding, advanced skills training, and comprehensive compliance education. Designed to streamline learning and development initiatives, it empowers HR professionals and managers to boost team performance, enhance engagement, and drive organizational success.

Our system seamlessly connects learning outcomes with business goals, competencies, and performance reviews. This holistic approach ensures that learning is a key element of every employee’s development journey.

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Explore innovative compliance training and skills development for a progressive, ethical, and thriving business.

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